knit wear clothing

In knitting, yarn or thread is turned into cloth using different types of knitting techniques. Many people know knitting by hand as a hobby, but in the textile industry the knitting is done by machines to meet with the huge demands in knit garments. At Manamo Fashions we offer a huge range of knitted clothing for men, women and even children. Knit fabric is loved by many people, maybe because of its elasticity and softness translating into comfort. Knit products are also visually appealing and different styles can be achieved thanks to the various knitting techniques. You can be sure to find knitting supplies at Manamo regardless of your preferences.

Why Knit Wear?

They absorb moisture

One of the advantages you stand to enjoy when you go for knit items is moisture absorption, keeping you dry and cool even on hot humid days. The fabrics looped from double or single yarn leaving small openings on finished clothing items. The openings then serves as the pockets that hold air, hence giving you an advantage. Whether you are wearing knit tank top or bikini panties, you will feel very comfortable.

They stretch

The other advantage of knit clothing items is that they stretch so you have a fitting garment at the end of the day your body size notwithstanding. Because of this feature, they do not necessarily need hooks, zippers or buttons; they are easy to wear and conform to your body comfortably. Manamo Fashions offers comfortable one-piece garments to suit varying fashion styles and personalities.

They offer lots of comfort

Our knit products are very comfortable to wear because of the softness, stretch and warmth of yarns and threads used to create them. The material or fabric yarns used will of course determine the level of softness you get to enjoy, but you can be assured of comfort at the end of the day.

They are easy to care for

Manamo Fashions knit products are easy to care for with gentle cycle and mild soap being all that you require to wash them. Some may need hand washing with warm water, but they wash easily and won’t require too much effort. The easy proper care will help them retain elasticity and shape and considering that the products do not wrinkle easily, the aesthetic appeal remains. Care tags on our fabrics offer washing guidelines so you have an easy time taking care of your garment.

Our knit products

Knit items for men

  • Knit t-shirts for men
  • Knit tank tops for men
  • Men’s pajamas
  • Wide leg trousers
  • Mens casual trousers
  • Mens underwear
  • Sportswear for men

Knit items for women

  • Women’s Camisoles
  • Knit swing dress
  • Knitted tunic dresses
  • Knit t-shirt dress
  • Bikini panties
  • Bras
  • Ladies nightwear
Kids Knit items

  • Kids sportswear
  • Toddler T-shirts
  • Boys tee-shirts
  • Knit dresses for Kids

Why Manamo?

Whether you are looking for a chunky knit ribbed knit dress, Manamo Fashions will get it for you. We have categories to make it easier for you to find the knit item you are looking for. One of the best things about out knit garments is that you can find them in all colors and you can buy at wholesale from the top manufacturers that we work hand in hand with.

We pay attention to quality, hence all products you get from us are guaranteed to be top quality. You of course can choose the different fabrics and threads or yarns depending on what you are looking for but every item meets international quality standards.

We make the process easy for you and smooth so you can have your knit items delivered to you on time. Apart from choosing from the ready knit-items, you can specify your garment requirements so you have the items made according to your preferences. Custom knit products are unique and they go to express your personality or fashion style. You can dictate what colors, patterns and even knitting techniques are used for your items and have as many as you wish knitted and printed just like you like them.

Our knitted clothing items come at very affordable prices considering the superior quality they offer. You stand a chance to enjoy affordable wholesale shirt printing from manufacturers so your costs are minimal. We offer competitive prices to accommodate all kinds of buyers looking for the different types of knit items.

Getting The Best

After buying out knit products, it is important to check the tags for care instructions. Remember that for your knit garments to last as long as they should you need to take good care of them. Luckily the knitted fabrics from Manamo Fashions are easy to care for hence you do not have to worry about too much effort in keeping them in top condition and shape. Quality is our motto!