Fabrics & Yarn: Fabrics is the main thing in garment making and we are habituated to work with different type of fabrics like :
Knit fabrics : Single jersey/Lycra jersey/Interlock/Pique and locoest/Different type of rib/Drop needle/Striped/Fleece/Waffle/ Semi jacquard Knit fabric wit 100% cotton or cotton blended, both could be done in circular or flat.
Woven fabrics: Smart varieties of fabric range such as Denim / Twill / Canvas / Corduroy / Poplin / Any design / textured fabric etc.
Sweater : These items can possibly be basic with value-added design as per buyers demand of 1.5 to 12 gg.
Knitwear : Polo shirt / T-shirt/Trousers/Tank top.
These items can possibly be basic or with value-added design as per buyers demand.
Woven : Jackets/Long pants/Shorts/Pullover/
These items can possibly be casual or sport wear.

Additional Products
Print : We can do all kinds of printing as discuss below.
Pigment ( Both rubber or water established) /Glitter/Puff/Flock/Emboss/High density/Clear or Gel print/Discharge
Or some other printing according to clients demand.

Embroidery : A massive assortment of embroidery with almost any design can possibly be carried out. It might possibly be appliqué or some other thing according to requirement. We could perform any design supplied by buyer.