We’ve got an Excellent Policy for Quality Guarantee.

Quality means customer demands will be always to be more fulfilled. Failure to keep an adequate quality standard can hence be ineffective. From the first evaluation to learn what the potential customer for a brand-new product really wants, during the procedures of design, specification, controlled manufacture and sale.

“The excellent policy of Manamo Fashions will be to produce and export various varieties of premium excellent readymade clothing to its own customers.

The aim of all Manamo Fashions will be always to reach & enhance client care by giving competitive price, on time delivery of contracted quality and quantity of readymade clothing with reliability in increase to raise efficacy of workforce.

To achieve these goals the direction of Manamo Fashions has decided to accommodate the


  1. To make awareness about customer’s requirements through outside the company.
  2. By supplying training to develop with efficiency/awareness of their employees.
  3. To gather customer responses regularly to understand in their concept about the organization also to take proper action timely.
  4. To lessen the percentage of rejection/wastage to max 2% yearly.

There are a number of facets which quality fitness of garment sector is established such as for example -reliability, performance, durability, perceived and visual quality of this garment. Quality has to be defined concerning a specific frame of cost.

Quality Control

Quality is of prime importance in any aspect of a business. Customers expect and demand value for money. As producers of apparel, there should be a consistent try to produce work of excellent quality.

“The systems required for programming and coordinating the efforts of the many groups in a company to keep up the requisite quality”. As a Result, Quality-control is seen as the representative of Quality Assurance or Total Quality Control.

In the garment industry, quality control is practiced right from the initial stage of sourcing raw materials to this point of final outfit. For textile and apparel industry product quality is figured concerning quality and caliber of fibers, yarns, fabric structure, colour fastness, surface designs and the final finished garment products. However, caliber expectations for export are related to the kind of consumer segments as well as the retail outlets.

Quality standards and control are one of the most significant aspects of the content of almost any occupation and therefore a big component in training.

Total Quality Control

“To be certain that the necessity caliber of a product is achieved”. This ensures customer satisfaction, however, it renders quality control as an essential but expensive evil.

To make sure, at minimal practicable price, which the requisite quality of the product has been achieved at every stage of manufacture from raw materials into boxed stock.


To make the most of creation of products within the given tolerances right the very first time.

To reach a decent look of this garment or fabric in connection to the amount of choice InDesign, styles, colors, suitability of components and also the fitness of product out there.


Itemize the factors which happen in fabric and garment production in order to provide a complete specification.

Develop a specification in a number of parts or sections to be certain that all design and production staff features a very clear idea about what will become necessary.

Establish adequate working tolerances in regard to all facets on the specification.

Establish fault rate recording approaches.

Improve technical Comprehension of the product including,

Fabric geometry and the interrelationship of yarn count, loop length, pick count, relaxation and fabric properties.

Sewing issues.

Causes and prevention of seam breakdown.

The impacts of various factors on the apparent shade of goods affecting color matching.